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Yellowstone National Park

"my feet might be tired but my soul is awake" Yellowstone National Park

This blog is an opportunity to share my outdoor adventures and hopefully encourage you to “just get out there” and find ways to enjoy the beauty of nature.

This blog is not only for grandmas, but as the term “grandma” suggests, I am of a certain age and the activities noted here will probably apply more to people my age, but I hope to also tempt people of all ages, abilities and interests to visit the beautiful natural places available to all of us.

I am now beginning phase 2 of Grandma Rocks the Park (GRP 2.0).  This is my second year of recording my adventures.  Year 1 was AMAZING, it got me outside much more, motivating me to make a point of scheduling adventures into my life.  As you know, time goes by very quickly, and in the past I let the busyness of my life interfere with my adventures.  GRP 2.0 will focus more on scheduling more adventures with friends and family.  Taking advantage of all the folks I know around the country.  See more of what to expect on my GRP 2.0 blog post.

I love sharing my adventures thru this blog.  I get to experience each awesome adventure in real time and then experience each one over and over again through this blog.  Thanks so much for letting me share!  I hope it encourages you to get outside more and do fun stuff!!!

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