Taking advantage of the drive down to spend time with my mother in Arizona, I stopped by for a quick side trip to Petrified Forest National Park.  What can I say, the beauty of northern Arizona is stunning, and being there in cool weather was a definite plus for both me and Rae.  

PF pk and Rae
Patty and Rae in Petrified Forest National Park

It was good to be in the desert again, and I love the southwest, but I was not able to give this park the attention it deserves since I was on my way down to visit my mother, and was too excited about getting to her house, that I rushed through it.  I did stop at the visitor’s center and pick up some fun stuff to share with my grandchildren, but mostly I didn’t have the time or attention to do this park justice.

I Love road trips, and I love visiting the national parks and other beautiful places on earth, and will one day revisit this amazing park.  But for now, off to see my mother!

pf pk and mom
Patty and Mom – December 2021

What I learned about the park:

This park is famous for being the world’s largest concentration of petrified wood.  Each national park is a treasure and I find there is always a really good reason that they were established.  Each one has secrets to share with you if you take your time, slow down and let them be revealed.  I promise to return to Petrified Forest National Park and slow down, listen and learn her secrets.

What I learned about myself:

Timing is everything, and I mean amount of time, time of year and even your energy level can affect your experience of a park.  I love visiting these SW parks in the winter, when it’s cool and sunny.  Summer would be a drag for sure, but the beauty of the desert really shines through during the winter months.  Also, don’t rush.  It was a mistake to think I could fit this park in on my drive down to visit my mom.  My mind was just not in the right place to be able to fully enjoy it.   I need to make each trip about the park, and be able to slow down and soak them up.

Some thoughts for you:

Find something beautiful to experience today and fully enjoy and appreciate it.  The sunrise, sunset, the smiling face of someone you love, your dog.  Beauty is all around!

Northern Arizona - Petrified Forest
Northern Arizona – Petrified Forest

Remember —  Get out there!!! 

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