I hope you are ready for the upcoming holidays and planning some great outdoor fun to help work off all the eggnog (with bourbon) and kringles (if you are not from WI or do not know what these are, you are missing out).

I am sad that I will not be with family for the holidays, so I am going to make sure to find ways to be happy and embrace the love, the love and renewal I get from being outside and doing something fun.

Snowshoeing in Mill Creek Valley, just north o f YNP

My current plan for Christmas is to go to Yellowstone for a snowshoe/hike.  We got a ton of snow so it should be beautiful.  They have ranger led snowshoe and hiking trips each week, starting next week and going through the end of February.

I’m tentatively thinking about a winter camping trip on New Year’s eve.  I’ll keep a weather eye out, and let you know if that develops.  I hope you will get to include some fun activities in the great outdoors for your holidays.  What ever you do, have a wonderful holiday season and remember to give thanks for the gifts you have.

Here are some pictures from previous winter adventures:

My brother in law Mark and his friend came out to go skiing in Big Sky and up at Bridger in Bozeman:

Skiing in Bozeman with Mark and Jarrod


My sister Kathy with me in Paradise Valley, hiking Suce Creek.

Sister Kathy hiking at Suce Creek Trail head, Paradise Valley MT

My sister Valerie snowshoeing in Glacier National Park:

Valerie in GNP, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone and love and peace to all!


Share your thoughts:

Do you any plans to “get out there”?  What are your plans?  What would you do if you could?  Anything  happening in your area?

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