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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

This blog is an opportunity to share my outdoor adventures and hopefully encourage you to “just get out there” and find ways to enjoy the beauty of nature. This blog is not only for grandmas, as the name suggests, but for all and will hopefully show that there are a lot of opportunities for people of all ages/abilities and interests to be active outside. I hope to encourage you to visit the beautiful natural places available to all of us.

Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park

The idea of this blog began when I was watching the ABC TV show “Rock the Park” with my friend Sally. It’s this cool show with these 2 young guys visiting all the U.S. national parks. I love the show, and love how much it encourages me to get outside, however Sally said she was not at all motivated by it because she could not relate to the 2 young guys, and could not see herself able to do the activities they were doing on the show.

So the idea of “Grandma Rocks the Park” was born. The idea is to show how people my age (or any age) can enjoy the same beauty, activities and adventures but maybe on a slower/less intense scale.

I am not sure how this blog will change over time or what might be included as it grows, but I hope it will be a journey of fun, adventure, mishaps and sharing of information and beautiful places.

I hope you find these posts inspirational and motivation for you to seek out and create adventures near you.

“My feet might be tired but my soul is awake”

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