It is the middle of the week and I am driving to northern MT for a client meeting.  Even though it is a long 5 hour drive to get there, I get to go through some UNBELIEVABLY beautiful country.  I am driving from Livingston up to Havre, and going through the Lewis and Clark Forest.  Here’s a view from the side of the road.

Pulled over on my way to Havre

Doesn’t’ suck, hey?  Oh heck, here is another one:

Overlook at Sluice Box State Park, on the road to Havre

So on my way through Great Falls, I stopped in at the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center.  It’s right on the way, and the nice thing is that I have the National Park Service pass, so for only $80 a year, you can get in free to all national parks, monuments and other cool places run by the National Park Service.

National Park Pass

So this trip did not cost me anything, and I got to take a break from the drive to walk around this really cool place and along the Missouri River.

The interpretative center walks you through the whole trip that the Corps of Discovery took between 1805 and 1806.  It has a lot of the original items they took and all the details of the trip.  It is unbelievable that those guys actually make it back, really unbelievable.   So Great Falls Montana is named that because of the HUGE portages that Lewis and Clark had to make, something like 9 miles over 5 falls, that took 30 days.  Hence the name “Great Falls”.  It was such a great way to break up my trip.


What I learned about the Park:

I am always so amazed at what an incredible accomplishment it was and such a courageous thing to take on.  Because L&C came though this area, and actually camped near Livingston, there are a lot of L &C  monuments and trails and stuff.  It NEVER fails to amaze me, the scope of that epic adventure.

What I learned about myself:

I love history, especially about the West.  The West has been calling me since I was young.  I am so appreciative that I was raised to know that I can do anything with my life, even if that means moving “out west”, walking away from a good paying job to somewhere that I don’t know anyone, or how I will live. That was equal parts exciting and scary.  But I continue to create my life, out here in MT.  I am thankful for all the options that are available to me in my life, and that I am able to be living this life long dream!

My advice to you:

Read about something that inspires you.  Or go some place that inspires you.  I think we sometimes live too small.  Expand your world!!!

Share your thoughts:

What is your favorite commute?  How do you make your commute better or more fun?

More about the park:

The mission of the center:  “The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center imparts to the public a personal sense of President Thomas Jefferson’s vision of expanding America to the west; it inspires awe and awakens curiosity toward the challenges faced by the expedition as they portaged the great falls of the Missouri River and explored the ‘unknown’; brings to life the daily experiences of the expedition and the environment and native peoples of the ‘uncharted West’; and celebrates the indomitable spirit of human discovery we all share.”

I could not have said it better.  It really is cool, and I encourage you to stop by if you are in the area.

Link to USDA info on park

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