Rae and I took a social distanced road trip to Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas, for a few days of camping.  This was a spontaneous trip, resulting from my stay over in Arizona, so I did not have my normal camping gear with me, but was lucky enough to borrow some from one of my Mom’s friends.

Campsite in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Did you know that the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas? There are so many beautiful aspects of this park, but one of my favorite is the awesome night sky.  Now, that says something, because there was beauty at every turn, but there is nothing that puts me in my place like the enormity of the night sky, with so many bright stars, that it is hard to even find the constellations!  I have not seen a sky that brilliant since the night skies of Livingston, MT.  Brilliant night skies like these never fail to provide a sense of awe, and a sense of my puny little place in the universe.  I love that!

Sunset from our campsite in the Guadalupe Mountains

Camping trips like this are always a good reminder for me not to take myself too seriously, and that our time on this earth is so less significant that we think it is.  It also helps to take me out of my head, and just focus on the simple things like, getting water, cooking food, keeping warm and having shelter.  It was a great escape from the “noise” of everyday life and a great opportunity for adventure, even during these hard times.

Sunrise from our Campsite in the Guadalupe Mountains

There was stunning beauty all around.  The mountains rose behind our campsite, and in the opposite direction it felt as though we could see across the Chihuahuan Desert all the way to Mexico.  We had some cold weather for the first night, lows of around 37, but sunny and warm, about 65 during the day.  We used this campsite as a base camp for some day trips to other marvels in the area.

What I learned about the park:

Even though the 4 highest peaks in Texas are in this park, it is most famous for it’s large deposit of marine fossils, from when this whole area was at the bottom of an inland sea.  My ability to really “see” this park was limited because dogs are not allowed on the hiking trails (which is as it should be), so I hope to come back and do this park justice on some future visit.

What I learned about myself:

Adventure is like any muscle, you either use it or lose it.  It can be easy to talk myself out of adventure, because of all the “what ifs” that my mind can come up with.  I am always so rewarded when I push through the doubts and move forward with adventure.  I am grateful for the opportunities I have for adventure and my abilities to take them on.  My goal is to keep at it, and not “lose it”!

Some thoughts for you:

Be brave and stretch out of your comfort zone everyone once in a while.  It will be so rewarding!

Remember —  Get out there!!! 

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El Capitan/Guadalupe Peak