I was lucky enough to take advantage of the limited opportunities that COVID-19 created, one being the available rental properties in the Arizona resort where my Mom lives. I was able to shift my “working from home” to Apache Junction Arizona, and enjoy the winter with my Mom in the Desert.

Even with the limitations of COVID, I wanted to take advantage of being in the Southwest.  The first day trip was to Saguaro National Park. I had no idea what to expect from this park, and was surprised by the beauty, I don’t know why I was surprised, no National Park has yet to disappoint.

Saguaro National Park

Rae and I drove down from Apache Junction, only about 2 hours or so.  Along with the beauty of the park we longed to just take a road trip, enjoying even some limited sense of adventure during these “locked down times” was so appreciated.

PK in Saguaro
PK in Saguaro

We were unable to visit the visitor’s center or the museum, so basically just drove through the park and enjoyed the limited freedom of it. 

Rae and I are planning other adventures, even though COVID has restricted some of our opportunities.   Part of what makes the planning interesting is trying to figure out how to “get out there” safely for everyone I may be exposed to/who I might expose. 

It is definitely a new way of thinking and planning and certainly requires setting different expectations for each trip, however I encourage everyone to work hard and find ways to have fun outside.   It is needed now more than ever.

Look for more adventures coming up.

What I learned about the park:

Sadly, not much, other than beauty comes in all packages.  It was peaceful and pleasant.  I’m pretty sure I would not dig this park in the summer.

What I learned about myself:

I think COVID is a pretty solid excuse to be depressed and lazy and recognize the need to honor how we are feeling.  I know for myself, I always do better trying to deal with the reality of a situation by working on solving a problem instead of being pissed off or sad about it.  I know everyone has their own way of coping but what I know is true for me is that these trips provide a much needed outlet for me physically and emotionally, even in this limited form.  Thanks for listening, your consulting fee is in the mail.

Hiking in the Superstition Mtns
The Superstition Mountains

Some thoughts for you:

Take care of yourself and practice forgiveness of others.

Remember —  Get out there!!!

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