So another business trip, this time up to the Flathead Valley of Montana.  It’s still warm weather so I am taking advantage of this trip for a quick stop by Glacier National Park on my way home.  I know this will only be an hour or so, and I need to get back on the road, but after 2 days of meeting with clients (good clients) I am ready for a little time to myself and some peace and quiet of the Park.

I used to live in Whitefish MT, so I was able to spend quite a lot of time at Glacier, both in the summer and winter seasons.  It is one of the most beautiful of the national parks (in my opinion).  And there is no better view than the one when you first come into the park, at Apgar Village, turn the corner and see this:

Lake MacDonald GNP

This was just a short trip, but still a reminder that even during the week, try to find your moments of Zen where you can.   I am sure there will be future blog posts that will do this park justice, but until then, here are some great pictures from previous years at Glacier.  Enjoy!

We will start out with a pic from 2007.  My good friend Ginny came out and we camped in Glacier for a week.  Starting on the east side and Two Medicine campground and then over to the west side and Avalanche Lake campground.

Ginny at Logan Pass, 2007

We had a great time.  Amazing how good food tastes when you are out hiking all day.  I can still remember it clear as day that after one particularly hard hike, we stopped at the store at Lake MacDonald Lodge and got a jar of pickles and a box of Chips Ahoy cookies.  We thought we had died and gone to heaven!!!

Elizabeth and I starting our backpack trip to Sperry Glacier 2007

My park ranger friend Elizabeth Bailey and I took a one night backpack trip up to Sperry Glacier.  Pretty good vertical gain.  It was a pretty grueling 8 miles up, but beautiful.  The way down, I seem to remember was much easier.  Like food, a cold beer also tastes really good after a long hike.  I seem to remember drinking quite a few after this trip.  Liz, I miss you.

My boys, Michael and Andrew came out to visit me in the winter of 2008.  We had a ton of fun.  One of the highlights to the trip was snowshoeing in Glacier.  The other highlight was getting drunk with the locals at the Hill Top Bar in Marion, but that is another story:

Michael and Andrew with me in GNP, 2008

My brother Danny visited in 2013 and this is a picture of him at Avalanche Lake.  We got in some good hikes on that visit.  I’m trying to convince him to come visit me here so we can go to Yellowstone.  Come on Danny!!!

Danny at Avalanche Lake, GNP 2013

My good friend Julie and I used to hike a lot in the Flathead Valley when I lived in Whitefish.  Here is Julie on one of our many amazing hikes.  I miss you Julie!!!

Julie in GNP

My sister Jane and her girls came out to visit in 2007.  Here is a nice one of me and her on our way to Grinnell Glacier, damn did we look good 10 years ago!  Jane is planning a trip to Montana this summer.  I cannot wait!

Me and Jane, GNP 2007

I met my good friend Sally when we were both Americorps volunteers.  She no longer lives in Montana, but she gets out here to visit and to feed her soul every once in a while.  Like me Montana “speaks” to her.

Me and my great friend Sally Girl

Here is Sally and I on the shores of Lake MacDonald in 2012.  I miss her dearly.

My sister Kathy visited me while I lived in Whitefish.  We had a great time up on Logan Pass.

         Patty and Kathy at Logan Pass

I remember that Kathy came one week before Sally did in 2012, and while Kathy was here it was around 75 degrees, one week later when Sally was here, it is was in the 40s.

My sister Valerie and her husband Mark came out to visit in winter of 2012.  Mark skied at Big Mountain in Whitefish while Val and I had a great time hiking and snowshoeing in Glacier (and watching movies and eating popcorn).

Valerie, Mark and Patty at GNP, 2012

On the final day of their visit Mark came with us to the park.  It was a beautiful day, although fogged in like often happens in the Flathead Valley in winter, on the final day, the sun came out and they got a great look at the Mountains.  Since this trip Mark has come out for more ski trips and I am hoping will again this year.

Ok, now a few of me from over the years.  GNP was my place to go for peace and just to soak up the beauty.  With it only being a 30 minute drive, I was here quite a lot.  I sure miss it.  GNP, I’ll be back!!!

Me and a Corona on the shores of Lake MacDonald

Summer in the park is a great place to relax and just soak up the sun.  As I sit there, with a view of the mountains across the lake (see first picture above) I almost cannot believe it is possible that I am here.  “I get to live here”, can you believe it.

One more, and then I’ll let you go.  This one is way back in 2008.  I remember it was fire season, so the air has a nice orange/pink quality that looks serene, but boy was it hard to breathe.  When I look back on these pictures, I love how relaxed and happy I look!

Patty K on the North Fork Road, GNP 2008

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